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Cyberbaiting Is A Form Of Bullying Involving Students, A Teacher, And A Viral Video. Students Taunt The Teacher To The Point Of Meltdown While One Of
Them Captures The Resulting Tantrum On Video. Then, The Video Shows Up On YouTube Or Another Video Proliferation Site. - Heather Edick


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On Monday, March 31, 2014 at approximately 1:30 PM - 3 weeks following the tragic unexpected passing of his beloved father, Daughtry admittedly embarked upon an unprecedented verbal confrontation in response to an exceedingly disruptive student enrolled in his fourth period Algebra class. Unbeknownst to Daughtry, in a blatant act of "Cyberbaiting" and in direct violation of school policy - the 18-second ordeal was discreetly captured via student cell phone and consequently spread viral across a plethora of social networking sites. The family of the child portrayed in the video was contacted by Daughtry forthwith to proactively address concerns. When confronted with the video the following morning via Sarasota Military Academy administrative personnel, Daughtry accepted full responsibility for his actions and was immediately placed upon paid administrative leave pending further investigation. On the afternoon of Friday, April 4, 2014 - he was officially terminated for cause; however, an in light of unprecedented support provided via the local populace, was reinstated on appeal shortly thereafter. Provided the inadvertent distraction to student learning, Daughtry resigned upon conclusion of the school year.

Allegedly, the media was initially alerted 2 weeks later via an anonymous student letter which read, “The greatest man I ever knew was fired from his position as a teacher at Sarasota Military Academy. For those of us without a father, we just lost the only father we ever had. . . . Part of me has died,” a student wrote in anonymous letter sent to the Herald-Tribune. “At Christmas he helped us out with groceries because he was worried we wouldn’t have enough to eat because I am on reduced lunch.” Out of respect and acknowledgement for that child's kind words of encouragement, Daughtry later adopted that quote "Part of me has died" in an exclusive interview (view Video) with John Rogers of WFLA. Letter To The Editor: "Daughtry Responds" - PDF

Lengthy petitions circulated which contained extensive testimonials regarding support for Daughtry coupled with dozens of parent phone calls into the school administration. An exceptionally courageous student by the name of Alexander Holmes' established a student-driven Facebook page with approximately 1799 members. An online petition designed by Paula Mehtala, treasured parent of a former student, on Change.org acquired nearly 550 signatures in under one week - view here. Paula also established a fundraising site to aid in providing for his family during tumultuous times. Jackson Stroud took initiative in absence of orders and became the student spokesperson organizing media speaking engagements and peer mentoring groups collaboratively with parents rendering support for all negatively impacted. Parent of a former student and PTCC President, Jill Wolfe, resorted to extraordinary lengths to ensure effective communication between parents and the school administration. Hundreds of students and parents actively exercised their freedom of speech rights guaranteed under the first amendment and shared their concerns publicly. The articulate and exceptionally well spoken Emily Serra designed "Long Live The Daughtry Times" bracelets, creatively talented Lauren Cohen created "We Take Care Of Our Own #TEAMDAUGHTRY" t-shirts, and a multitude of rear vehicle windows were painted demonstrating unwavering support decorated the Sarasota skyline weeks after the incident.

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, Daughtry was reinstated on appeal; however, elected not to return to the classroom setting upon detection social networking correspondence suggesting an increased probability of falsified claims being made thereafter in protest of reinstatement. He successfully concluded the academic school year providing online tutorials in accordance with a mutual settlement. On May 12, he formally submitted his letter of resignation (PDF) to the CEO indicating a discharge date of June 4, 2014. Despite his desire to attend, Daughtry respectively declined a multitude of invitations to graduation as well as an approved end-of-year visit as he neither wanted his presence to inadvertently impede upon student recognition nor inadvertently alienate the student in the video.

As an 8-year veteran of the United States Army and avid supporter of multiple disabled veterans groups, Daughtry has actively sought treatment for a previous diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with the Department of Veterans Affairs since June 2012. During the termination appeal process, he attended an exceedingly productive 5-day retreat designed specifically for disabled veterans in Normangee, Texas which comparable to Wounded Warrior Project, he credits with providing him the necessary tools in managing PTSD effectively. Presently, he works extensively with disabled veterans who share comparable challenges. 

Daughtry consistently praised the school administration publicly for their professionalism in handling an unfortunate scenario and they reciprocated in commending his previous instructional contributions.  “I wholeheartedly respect and support the decision regarding my termination appeal rendered this afternoon by the Sarasota Military Academy,” he wrote in a statement Tuesday. “It has been an absolute honor and pleasure to serve this phenomenal community for the last three years and I wish them many future successes. Onward.” Christina Bowman stated, "He was outstanding in the classroom."